Public statement of change in battery color

Public statement of change in battery color

2018-08-30 12:09:27

Title: Public statement of change in battery color

Date: 2018-08-29

To: Dealers and customers.

Thank you very much for your trust, support and select EPBLUE brand battery all the time.

Since Sep. 2015 we has made first global offering of the dark blue and dark red white cases series batteries, East power was highly recognized by the market during less than 3 months. East Power also provided OEM services to a number of well-known dealers in the industry. East Power is the only Chinese company to win by quality with these two colors as symbol.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, many manufacturers began to imitate the appearance of our products, but ignored the quality. East Power always insist on providing high quality products for users, therefore, we decided to stop selling dark blue shell white shell and deep red shell white cover of the battery since 1st Sep. 2018. The series of batteries sold before 1st Sep. 2018, if within warranty period, we are still in accordance with the requirements of the warranty agreement seriously, please rest assured to use.

Taking this opportunity, our company decide to take AGM deep cycle batteries and tubular batteries as the main supply products from 1st Sep. 2018. We will win more stable markets by constantly improving the quality of our products and services.

East Power Battery Limited

Effective Date: 1st Sep. 2018

Marketing Dept.: Amy Lines

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