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◢ Why East Power is better than manufacturers?

Most production-oriented enterprises would take "quality first" on the lips, maybe it’s just a mere "slogan", actually "output first" is what they value most.

Most of small battery manufacturers are based on battery assembly. They don't have neither operating capacity of their own brand, nor the stable sales network, even they don't have completed quality management system, therefore, their main customer source entirely relies on trading company, and in order to ensure the price advantage under the high pressure of market competition, generally they will adopt low-quality raw material or jerry-built way in production. And in terms of technology and quality control, they reply on the production workers and simple detection equipment, which cannot ensure the security and reliability of products. Because of the instability like orders, equipment, workers or others, late delivery is also normal. The factors that the shortage of professional technology team, R & D capacity, related manufacturing and detecting equipment, a single product range, language barrier, or other reasons make them hard to provide the professional one-stop service for the terminal customer.

Large battery manufacturers always take “output first” as the most important thing in order to control the whole operating costs. If strictly according to the standards of quality management system, it will reduce the output and increase the whole operating costs, which will make them lose their own advantages. This is not allowed for the quantitative customers. For small and medium customers, the quantity of orders will determine the deal price, if the customers’ order is unstable or very small, they will lose their price advantage. In the product range, it will be limited by MOQ, so the delivery time will also be longer. In terms of quality, if no batch-level quality accident, for a small amount of defective goods, the basic solution is replenishment, but the customers need 100% qualified products, rather than compensation for a few batteries , so unqualified products will also affect the reputation of customer's company.

East Power, as a professional battery application service provider, has a clear product positioning and market positioning, relying on professional technical R & D team and quality management team, we will have the continuous improvement and innovation of high standards products, the strong technical production process and high-level controllable quality management system, 100% quality detection in the whole process, In addition, our company has the experiment and testing center which is authorized by the international third-party testing authority, so we can be fully capable of providing customers with professional and diversified products and one-stop solution including new product design, project planning, implementation, etc, the delivery time of the orders can be controlled in 25-30 days.

◢ Why East Power is better than trading companies?

About the general trading companies, their organizational structure is relatively simple, they don’t have the professional technical and quality management team and don’t know enough about the peer manufacturers, the quality of products entirely relies on the manufacturer. Besides, they also do not know the quality standard about the raw materials, and lack of the deep understanding in manufacturing technique and details of quality control, no independent R&D capacity, so they cannot provide the professional solution, technique support and after-sale service.

East Power, as a professional battery application service provider, through the relevant resources, we can have a clear understanding of the recent operation of the raw material and battery manufacturers in the battery industry. We have professional R&D and quality management team, according to our manufacturing technique and quality management system to improve product quality. We can provide customers a series of services such as factory inspection, resident inspection, delivery inspection and so on. Also we can offer the professional technique support and after-sale service. East Power has the experiment and testing center which is authorized by the international third-party testing authority, it’s able to provide professional products testing service.. We also have professional cost accounting and financial analysis team, so can help customers reduce procurement risk and costs. In addition,we can also provide a completed one-stop energy solutions such as opening battery plastic mold, developing new products, home solar energy, wind power etc.

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