Who We Are


Who We Are

East Power is an application service provider (ASP) that serve in global energy solutions

and advanced energy products.

Enterprise Goal

Creating a top energy strategic alliance with global strategic partners.

Enterprise Mission

Striving to provide global users with more valuable products and services.

Our Story

East Power relies on professional product development team and quality management team, and the perfect operation management system, start to design, develop, control quality and sell independent brand of products in global. We always insist on providing clients with high quality service and products. Through the hard work of every employee, eventually getting a stable user base. At present, East Power mainly involve security, emergency and backup power supply, telecommunication, power batteries, solar energy and related storage areas.

East Power started to establish China high quality energy supply chain database in 2014, the database contains high quality raw materials, production-oriented enterprises in China’s energy industry, battery and the related energy production-oriented enterprise and service-oriented enterprises in line with international third party testing qualification testing, accreditation and quality management. At the same year, East Power carried out joint strategic cooperation with many large well-known enterprises. Through 2 years of hard working, at the end of 2015, we finally achieve the goal of sharing technology, human resources, information resources etc.

East Power started to transfer in 2016, years of experience tells us that only if resources sharing, mutual complementarity and win-win cooperation, the enterprise can become bigger and stronger. Replying on loyal strategic partners, high quality of supply chain resources and accurate market position, we begin to build East Power global energy strategic alliance. We’ll provide global users with secondary resources configuration services, making more valuable products and services for consumers, making strategic enterprises get stable growth in sales. We firmly believe that the value of East Power around you is much more than you can imagine!

East Power is an application service provider that serve in global energy solutions and advanced energy products.    Copyright © East Power Battery Limited. All Right Reserved.    Subscribe | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy

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